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Amcor tracks its carbon footprint with EnviroChart.

"Using EnviroChart to gather, process and disseminate emission data enables us to manage our environmental performance."

As a major user of energy, Amcor has established and implemented programs to deliver reductions in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. This includes the company’s involvement in a number of emissions trading and carbon reporting schemes worldwide.

Amcor has been using EnviroChart since 2005, beginning with energy, waste and water. Today, EnviroChart is used by Amcor and its business groups to manage, capture and report energy, waste, water, raw materials and logistics data, providing Amcor with a snapshot of its carbon footprint and energy efficiency at any given time, location or region.

Using EnviroChart to gather, process and disseminate emission data enables Amcor to manage our environmental performance. In recent years, inclusion of all scope 3 emissions sources has ensured that all emissions data is stored in one location, streamlining calculations and data assurance. The reporting function allows Amcor to monitor progress towards environmental targets by sites, divisions or business groups, and report to management in a consistent format.

“Reducing your carbon footprint (and identifying cost savings) makes good business sense” said Eshell Baron, General Manager of EnviroChart. “Companies that manage their environmental performance promote good corporate citizenship and in the long term sustainably outperform their peers.”

With an increasing number of national regulations and global expectations for companies to understand and manage their carbon emissions, EnviroChart offers a powerful, independent reporting solution suitable for any business wishing to track its impact on the environment.

EnviroChart was first released in 2004 and has had subsequent updates in accordance with market needs and government reporting obligations. EnviroChart is a division of Formation Technology Group, a high technology service provider located in Melbourne, Australia.


Case Study:
Amcor Limited


Customer Profile
Amcor is a global packaging company operating over 300 manufacturing sites in 43 countries. It employs 33,000 people and generates over $AU12 billion in sales annually.

Business Situation
Amcor needed an application that would allow it to capture, track and report greenhouse gas emissions and abatement projects across the organisation.

By implementing EnviroChart, Amcor has streamlined the capture, analysis and reporting of emissions and abatement projects. Today, EnviroChart is used by over 300 staff across the Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

• Track inputs, emissions, & intensities
• Manage abatement projects
• Roll up reports
• Reduced compliance costs
• Monitor Amcor’s environmental

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