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Why EnviroChart

Organisations globally are facing increasing pressure from both governments and the public to reduce their carbon footprint. The challenge facing companies today is how to effectively report carbon intensities, monitor the success of their abatement initiatives and meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

These challenges become increasingly more difficult as companies are dispersed across multiple sites, states and countries. Concerns include onerous government reporting obligations and the responsibilities placed on OHS & E departments to provide accurate and timely data for compliance purposes.

EnviroChart offers a simple yet detailed management tool for reporting utilisation data, carbon intensities and abatement projects in a secure dashboard like manner.

Today, EnviroChart is used by several ASX top 100 companies' and is supported by an experienced team of consultants that understand the reporting and compliance issues organisations are facing.

EnviroChart was first released in 2004 and has had subsequent updates in accordance with market needs and government reporting obligations. EnviroChart is a division of Formation Technology Group, a Microsoft Certified high technology service provider located in Melbourne, Australia.

EnviroChart Case Study:

Amcor tracks its carbon footprint with EnviroChart.

Amcor streamlines the capture, analysis and reporting of emissions and abatement projects with EnviroChart. Read More.

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